Cetus Consulting Services

We cover all aspects of computing, from system design, installation, and testing to networking, power systems, and email.

Our Seinor Consulting Engineer is Larry Church, who is also consulting with Bay Area Network Consulting Services in San Ramon, California.

Larry Church has over thirty years in the technology business. Larry lives in Fremont, California. The cell phone number is 408-205-1053, but you really should use email.

You can check out Larry's resume in Adobe pdf or in MicroSoft Word format. He has loads of experence in all aspects of the computer business, from designing them to breaking them. If you need some help, send email or give Larry a call.

Larry's email address is lchurch@cetus.com. He checks email constantly, so you should have no trouble getting a message to Larry between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm pacific time.

If it's really important, and it's after "regular business hours," his home number is 510-651-7527, but you really, really should use email.

Larry's PGP 2.6.2 Public Key

Computer Time

Does your computer know what time it is? www.ntp.org has the xntpd sources. For more stuff than you care to know about computer time keeping, see NIST.


This is something important...

We are Linux hackers, and have been for many years, since the early days of Linux (remember the 0.90 kernel?).
We use and recomend Linux and Apache to power your internet.
fedora apache

Larry Church
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